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How to fold your wedding or bridesmaid dress


Most dresses will fold well and pack readily into a cabin-sized suitcase -  see how! 

As you are buying online, your dress will have to be folded for transportation. Although carefully packaged, it is likely that there will be some creasing upon arrival. These should drop out by hanging in a steamy room or by squirting steam from an iron. However, as most of the dresses are made from polyester, they can also be ironed with care. Don't iron over any beading or jewelled motifs.

If you are taking your dress abroad after its arrival, you may need to pack it again for travel. Between the arrival of your dress and your travel date, it is best to remove all creasing. The creasing created by using a courier, is likely to be greater than the creasing caused in your travel plans and it is easier to attend to those at home. If your airline allows it, you may also be able to use a bridal zip-up carrier and take it on the plane.


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